About Us

I started buying and selling quality goods at a young age. When real young it was mostly garage and yard sales but because my family was in the flea market business here is where my home base would be. -- Graduating to larger markets, and working for years in the flea markets of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, in 2001 I took a much needed break from local markets and focused on Ebay and other sites like it. Being a musician and songwriter I also dabbled in selling digital music downloads on sites that offered the service. -- Around that time I started to teach myself DIY web design in which I created websites for advertising my songwriting. It was with my websites that brought on the desire to learn about domain names and eventually start to buy and sell them. -- Today I have several web stores where domains can be bought with a safe and easy checkout. / NameRamp.com / DomainAds.today / OGMDomains.com